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Adventurous and enterprising

Lily Potter, a Year 10 student at Penrice Academy, St. Austell, is going to Africa!

Her ten-day trip will be filled with teaching sport and literacy to school children. There will be time for sightseeing too. What a wonderful opportunity!

Three generations were at Phoenix Events Magical Christmas Market at St. Petroc’s Church, Bodmin, on Saturday 19 November. Lily’s mum and grandma were pleased to work alongside her to raise money for the trip that takes place next summer.

Name the elephant drew some people to Lily’s stall; for others it was reindeer food, cone- shaped packets of sweets and gingerbread biscuits (for human consumption!) and upcycled bird houses appealed to others.

It’s amazing but not surprising that Penrice Academy offers extracurricular activities and experiences. Hats off to students like Lily who grasp opportunities that come their way.

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