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Bodmin College students branch out

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

The Year 8 student council at Bodmin College has adopted an environmental theme this year.

The students raised £300 to buy three acres of rainforest in Argentina and Belize. The project is part of the World Land Trust’s Buy an Acre programme, which works to protect the rainforest and the animals that live there.

The students were overwhelmed to receive a letter from Sir David Attenborough, commending and thanking them for their donation.

To end the school year on a high, the student council has now decided to support tree planting in the UK. Their aim is to raise £250 to buy 500 square metres of woodland through the National Trust. Currently, the enterprising students are busy collecting donations and planning a bake sale to help them achieve their goal.

Revd Elaine Munday, chaplain to students and staff at Bodmin College, told a Sunday service at St. Petroc’s Church about the projects, which led to generous donations from the congregation.

The Year 8 student council is supported by teacher Mrs Helen Wells Assistant Head of Year 7, LTRE Mid-Cornwall Hub Leader, RE CASH coordinator Cornwall.

For more information about the National Trust, click here.

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