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Café / Day Centre at St Petroc’s Church

A spacious and warm venue can host a special event on Wednesdays.

The WI were out in force on one of their regular walks and coffee stop days. This week they dropped into the café at St Petroc’s Church and had hot drinks, biscuits and homemade cakes all round. The large group of women, socially distanced of course, are a support to each other and a support to the church.

The Knitting and Crochet Friendship Group has a designated area. Three members showed some of their creative crafts completed since March, including outfits for babies, a baptismal shawl, stockings for the market stall at the Christmas Tree Festival and an intricate angel for the top of the group’s Christmas tree.

An expert member of the group taught one of the volunteers at the café how to knit. After several attempts to learn knitting over the years, four rows of a stocking for a Christmas tree decoration were successfully completed! Each week we are hoping for more rows and a final stocking! Great work ladies.

In bubbles, people gathered in the café for hot drinks, cakes and biscuits and delicious, freshly made hot soup for lunch.

Adie from KBSK went over last week’s seated dancing routine and taught a new one, to a song she used to dance to with her grandma. A few of dancers expressed their desire to take up dancing again after taking part in the energetic seated dance class.

A walk around Priory Park, admiring the buildings, trees, plants and wildlife in the strong autumnal sun, finished off the day to perfection.

One walker said, “That’s the farthest I’ve walked for a long time and I feel good.”

It’s great to spend time together and the weekly café is open to everyone, from 10.30am to 2.30pm, every Wednesday in October and November.

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