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Elevensies Next - some nonsense in rhyme!

Well whatever next? We don’t get vexed.

A church meeting not allowed. We have been under a cloud.

Technology saved the day. And we didn’t have to pay.

We Zoomed at Eleven. We spoke about heaven.

We chatter and natter and all get fatter

With coffee and cake. We all like to bake.

More friends we would like. You won’t need a bike.

Join us June seven. We meet at eleven.

Give Paul a call. He’s no Neanderthal.

Zoom on internet or phone. Right into your home.

Tell a friend. With Zoom we extend.

A friendly invite. Honest we don’t bite.

On Sunday next. Tune in your techs.

I have run out of rhyme. This is now overtime.

Goodbye for now with a wave and a bow.

Helen Watson

If you'd like to join the Zoom meeting for Elevensies at Lanivet on June 7 and July 5, call Rev Paul Holley 07470 192378.

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