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Lenten Studies through Mark’s Gospel chapters 14 and 15 HERE and THERE

Session 1 of 6 prepared by ROOTS

Each session we take from Mark a particular story that’s set in a specific place.

We hear a ‘voice’ from HERE (and now) – a person relates the story from Mark to their life today and a ‘voice’ from THERE (in the original event) – feelings are expressed that a character in the story may have experienced.

Our first study in Lent is in Simon’s house - Mark 14:3 – 7 - the topic is Jesus’ healing presence.

The HERE voice is a priest who is so busy with Zoom meetings, hymn live-streaming licenses and telephone calls that he forgets to be still in the presence of Jesus.

The THERE voice is the woman who anointed Jesus’ head with expensive oil – Everyone went quiet as I entered, holding the jar close to my chest. I knelt in front of Jesus. I felt so close to him. I felt I was looking into the face of God. It was as if it was just Jesus and me. I felt whole, connected and loved. It was like nothing else.

We listened to a song:

I am broken at your feet Like an alabaster jar Every piece of me I am laid before you majesty

We shared how lockdown has been for us:

I have spent more time with Jesus; I have felt his closeness and guidance every day.

More time at home has made life more God centred.

It’s been a roller coaster and Jesus has been a good staff and support to me during hard times.

I’m less productive if I don’t start the day with prayer and being with Jesus.

I’ve had time to take advantage of quiet times for reflection and meditation; I’ve been able to create space and be grateful for new friends I’ve made in the church community.

The more time spent with God at the beginning of the day the more productive it is.

I’ve learnt how to get onto Zoom and joined the Searchers.

When we don’t find it easy to start the day with Jesus, ask God to help us find that time.

Simon’s house – consider the atmosphere? Jealously could have been the emotion of some. This woman feels so close to Jesus and they have a special bond; she has a very special understanding and rapport with Jesus. I want that.

How can we be more mindful about self-care and allowing Jesus to restore us with his presence?

You are invited too, says Jesus. Remember and know that we can have a special relationship with Jesus, just as the woman in Simon’s house had. It’s an invitation for all of us to draw near to God through Jesus. We can accept Jesus’ invitation.

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