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Saturday Celebration Family Quiz

With Claire as Quiz Show Host we were set for a fun afternoon and we were not disappointed. The rounds were innovative and creative.

First up was a picture round of household items but very close up! It was really hard but some did really well at it.

The 'Bought or Not' round was fascinating. We had to guess if some very strange items on eBay were bought or not. Again some were very good at knowing if people bought or not!

The next round was all to do with animals. Did you know goats have square pupils?

The final round was super snappy. We had to list as many answers as we could in 20 seconds. This included places in Cornwall (Alfie listed 13!) as well as Jesus' twelve disciples.

We all had a great time and said we'd like to do it again soon.

We are missing our relaxed worship for all at St Petroc's at 11am each Sunday and we aim to keep in touch over the coming weeks and months until we can enjoy each other's company once more.

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