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Searchers - Advent 2 - Face to Face and 1 to 1

Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth. They had a lot in common. Their lives had been turned upside down by their pregnancies! There were differences too. Mary was young and unmarried whereas Elizabeth was old and had been married a very long time; but they both had said ‘yes’ to God.

God chose them to fulfil his promises. The Bible shows that God tends to pick the least obvious people to do his will, just think of David and Goliath! This encourages us, as no matter who we are, God can select and use us. Claire remembered a statement that she is grateful for,

“God equips those he calls.” (Rather than God calls the equipped!)

These two women were agents of massive change and they shared a profound moment together, face to face. They talked about what they were passionate about. They had a strong connection and bond as they shared the same experience of being involved in the fulfilment of God’s promises.

Mary’s song is a cry for justice. It has been called revolutionary, having an uncomfortable edge to it, giving challenge and spoken in righteous anger. In certain countries it has been illegal to read Mary’s song, the Magnificat, out loud, for fear of what people might do if they take it on board! Mary talks about injustices and points to the solution. It is good for all of us to have a love that yearns for justice.

We thought about who we have 1 to 1 and face to face conversations with. Sometimes people are working towards justice but don’t see their need of God or the church. We who have faith should take the time to get to know people and, if appropriate, share with the person that they are doing what biblical characters say we should e.g. the prophet Isaiah and Mary, even though they don’t realise it.

Claire encouraged us to read the Magnificat (Luke 1:46-55) again this week and ask ourselves why it has been considered so dangerous that countries have banned it being read aloud!

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