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Searchers - Bible Book Club - Amos

Amos: shepherd and tender of sycamore trees, speaker for God, prophet to the nations, approximately 750BC.

Key words from the book as a whole: justice, righteousness, judgement, because, oppression, neglect, sham, hypocrisy, integrity, seek, forgiveness, mercy, covenant, remnant, repair, restore, rebuild, redemption.

Images Amos uses: roaring lion (the voice of God speaking to his people through the prophets); plumbline (not living up to God’s ethical expectation but pretending all is well), deceitful scales.

One key verse: “But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.” (5:24)

The needy are neglected and the people are oppressed. Amos tells us that this is not what God wants. How can his people worship him but not demonstrate the relationship they have with God by showing mercy and love to their neighbours?

One promise of hope: “I will raise up the booth of David that is fallen and repair its breaches and raise up its ruins and rebuild …. “ (9:11). Jesus is of the lineage of David and he is God’s chosen one to bring restoration to all nations.

Our world has examples of corruption and there are poor and needy people everywhere. Amos tells us that we are to work for the out flowing of justice and righteousness.

Dorothy shared what she had read earlier in the day about being on the path of spiritual maturity:

1 Love God 2 Love your neighbour 3 Seek forgiveness 4 Seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit 5 Read God’s word, think about it and act upon it.

It was a fitting way to end an hour with a spotlight shining on the book of Amos.

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