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Searchers Lent Session 3

Reading: Mark 14:32-42

Setting: Garden of Gethsemane

Theme: Isolation

Question: How must Jesus have felt in the garden? Mark’s account says that he was distressed and troubled. The human nature of Jesus is clear.

Question: What did Jesus want his friends to do at this difficult time? He wanted them to be with him and pray. The disciples could not support him; they fell asleep. Perhaps they did not know the depth of his anguish. Perhaps they had not understood what Jesus had told them at supper.

We can be let down by friends and family. It’s easy to make a commitment but another thing to follow it through. This will always happen because of the imperfections of human beings. However, sometimes you feel helpless and make promises you can’t keep. Most people don’t deliberately break their promises but perhaps a change of circumstances gets in the way.

During the pandemic, many people have been isolated from family and friends. It’s frustrating. Covid has divided us physically but not in spirit. Sometimes you can be alone but not be lonely. Christians remember that God is always with them.

Challenge: Contact someone you know who is particularly isolated - maybe by sending them a letter or giving them a call. Let’s make a connection despite the distance.

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