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Searchers Lent Studies Session 2

Setting: Upper Room

Theme: Provision

Reading: Mark 14:17 – 25 The Last Supper

From ‘THERE’ – the voice of a servant girl (imagined)

During this Passover meal, only one man talked. He held up, broke and shared bread. Wine was poured and he told them to drink and remember him. It was like he was preparing them for something. It was different from any other meal I’ve served at, it made me feel hopeful. At the end, the man held out a piece of bread to me, smiled and left. That bread was like something else, like something of him had spilled over into it.

From ‘HERE’ – the voice of a supermarket cashier (imagined)

Some customers make more of an effort to talk to me, asking how I’m doing. Others treat me as an inconvenience, one of the hurdles between them and the safety of their car. Some people nod and their eyes show they’re smiling behind their masks.

Question: What might we take forward with us from Jesus’ style of sharing a meal?

At the moment, many miss sharing a meal with others. It can be a lovely thing to do. If we follow Jesus’ example, we can make an ordinary, everyday meal something really special. Jesus took an annual Passover meal and made it remarkable by his actions. He changed the perspective of all who were at the meal. He made a transition of the meal to something new and memorable.

When Covid restrictions are lifted, we will have the chance to meet with those who have been shielding or we haven’t seen (except perhaps on Zoom!). We could go shopping together, have a coffee and share a meal.

Question: How can we be used to help others in need?

Think about how our needs have been met and who or what has helped us and then do the same for others.

Hymn: “For tomorrow and its needs I do not pray; but keep me, guide me, love me, Lord, just for today.”

God provides for us and we in turn share with others.

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