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Searchers Lenten Studies Session 4

Reading: Mark 15: 6 - 15

Setting: The courtyard

Theme: Living with tension

Question: Why didn’t people speak up for Jesus?

Power, drive and emotion thrust at you in a crowd, with mounting hysteria, is hard to resist.

The disciples may have been silent due to fear that what was happening to Jesus would happen to them too if they spoke out.

THERE (at the scene): We heard the imagined feelings of a widow whose husband had been killed by Barabbas. She couldn’t believe that Barabbas was released, and that Jesus would die instead. It wasn’t right or just but she had no power to change things.

HERE (2021 during the pandemic): Some people are not following Covid rules. It puts others in danger. If you speak out, you can be put down by the words and actions of others. There’s a tension between our rights and our responsibilities.

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