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Searchers - Lenten Studies - Session 6

Reading: Mark 15:42-47 Setting: The tomb Theme: Hope

Jesus’ family, friends and disciples knew that Jesus was dead. Did they remember that Jesus had told them that he would die and rise again? At this point, it must have been so hard to believe they would see him alive again. We know the next chapter in Mark’s Gospel. We know Jesus rose from the dead. But at this moment there is despair.

Question: How can we be a beacon of hope in our community as the pandemic situation continues?

We can be active and we can support. Foodbank is one way to give hope to others, as is sharing church services online.

What about this way of giving hope to others? 'Twin My Vaccine' A Christian couple in Somerset want to play their part in helping poorer countries get access to the Covid vaccine by setting up a JustGiving campaign called "Twin My Vaccine". They are encouraging those who have already had their vaccine to make a monetary donation equivalent in value to the vaccine they have received themselves for free. The government have paid somewhere between £2 and £15 per dose.

Around 130 countries haven't yet started their vaccine rollout programmes because they are unable to afford the jabs.

Hearing this reminded us about the inequalities in our world and how we can be a beacon of hope.

Our Lenten studies have helped us reflect on Holy Week and the situation people are facing at the moment. Many of us are looking forward to being in church this week on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. We look to God for our hope. We can all be full of hope that is more than wishful thinking. The Bible speaks of hope as a solid, beautiful thing that is already on the far horizon, waiting for us to catch up with it.

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