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Searchers - Looking into two short psalms

We listened to Psalm 23 in the context of a garden after watching this clip.

Could we create a garden at our church? Could we incorporate within it a bench for reflecting or chatting to others?

We listened to Psalm 8 in the context of creation.

We often ask: “Who am I?” It is interesting to compare it with: “Where are you?” God is interested in our geography as well as our psychology; and geography is an aspect of creation, which Psalm 8 is about.

Some of our reflections:

· As we gaze at the natural world it leads us to know there is a God.

· The psalm makes us aware that we are part of the amazing diversity of humanity and in that diversity, God loves us.

· It amazes us that as we look at humanity, we see that we are individual people; no two faces are exactly the same.

· It makes us grateful as God has created us and we are important to him.

· It’s disrespectful to God to set ourselves above other created things. It’s our responsibility to care for our environment for now and future generations.

· It’s good to hear that the praise of babies and infants overcomes negative powers.

God is ‘mindful’ of us. It has been common in Christian reflection on this psalm to connect ‘mindful’ with the ‘incarnation' – God so loves us that he sent his son to this world to be the saviour.

We don’t improve or correct our self-image by looking in the mirror or by introspective meditation, but by prayer. Prayer is a way of bringing our self-image into conformity with our God-image.

We listened to a song: ‘O lord our lord how majestic is your name in all the earth’.

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