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Searchers - Refugee Family

We thought about the holy family and the first few turbulent years they had after Jesus’ birth. They became refugees, fleeing their own country and travelling to various places in Egypt before going back to their own country and fleeing again to another part of it.

In the middle east today, millions are forced from the homes and are experiencing a decline in their human rights, in the life chances of their children and their quality of life. Lindy shared figures from UNHCR that were stark and upsetting. Just like Mary and Joseph they are going from pillar to post and are not safe.

As Christians what can we do about it? How can we fulfil Jesus’ commands and words, “Whatever you do for others, you do for me?

Dorothy shared something that Lindy had come to herself, after reading and thinking the situation through. The magnitude of the problem is something we can’t solve but we can fulfil Jesus’ words by helping those close to us and praying for God’s help with the rest.

Lindy challenged us to telephone someone this week who we haven’t talked to since the March lockdown, or even further back than this. Perhaps a colleague, an old friend or someone we met on a course. See how they are, see what they’ve been doing and express love and compassion. Reflect on how doing this impacts your faith and have your own epiphany - revelation or sudden realisation of something.

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