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Searching into Titus chapter 1

Dear … is usually how we begin a letter. Not Paul when he’s writing to a young man called Titus.

Paul expresses who he is and what he’s called to do. He is to bring people further on in their faith by good teaching. Having knowledge of the truth in our head and heart can lead us to godliness (being more like God).

Paul expresses to Titus the type of qualities and characteristics leaders should have.

One thing on Paul’s list is being hospitable. Jesus was generous and gave food and himself to others and leaders are to copy this example.

One thing missing from the list is compassion. We do have to remember however that leaders are constrained by their own humanity.

Each one of us can have an influence on others and so we were encouraged to select from Paul’s list of what makes a good leader the one we would like more of.

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