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Stella's Christmas Stockings

Knitting come naturally to Stella. She has an album of photos of the different things she has produced - all to an amazing standard.

Stella is also a knitter for the seasons; she creates magnificent poppies for Remembrance each autumn; chicks to cover cream eggs for Easter and stockings at Christmas.

The Crochet & Knitting Friendship Group was thrilled to see Stella's latest creative idea - small stockings, knitted on cocktails sticks, making a festive Christmas card.

Great work Stella!

The Crochet & Knitting Friendship Group tree at this year's Christmas Tree Festival

The Crochet & Knitting Friendship Group will start meeting again on Wednesday 13th January at 10.30am to 12.30pm at Time Together (cafe / day centre) at St Petroc's Church. We'd love new people to join us, whatever their level. For more details please call 07713 288 340.

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