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Sunday Celebration - 'Joy' by Joy!

In a world where celebrity, success and money are glorified, it is easy to lose focus on what brings real joy. A Bible text says that victories are good, glory is great and splendor & majesty are their results, but joy comes when we spend time in God's presence.

Joy compared happiness with joy. Happiness depends on things but joy is not dependent on our circumstances. Joy is a gift from God that goes above our situation. God can give us joy to carry on even at hard times, such as bereavement. The Joy of the Lord is our strength.

How we receive the joy of the Lord:

* by spending time in God's presence - we need to establish a regular a pattern of praising God that goes beyond Sunday worship;

* going beyond knowing to experiencing the presence of God;

* by praising God - in everything, give thanks, rejoice always and pray without ceasing. Singing, clapping and shouting are all a part of joyful worship.

Joy's prayer for us is - "Give us a desire to seek you above all else and give us your joy that is our strength."

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