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Sunday Celebration – Relaxed Worship for Everyone

God is good – All the time – All the time - God is good.

Saying this started our Sunday Celebration this week!

Stories’ were today’s theme. We shared our favourite stories or films and why they mean so much to us.

Claire’s challenge was for us to call out the book or film whose theme tune she played! William was very quick winning the game!

Claire shared the story of God and the world, linking each part to a colour:

Yellow: God the King of creation

Blue: God gave his word and laws

Black: People messed up and went away from God

Red: Jesus’ death brings forgiveness and the way back to God

Green: Jesus conquered death and rose to new life

White: We are made right with God and are clothed in the goodness of Christ.

We had the chance to make our own chain or artifact showing the story.

You are very welcome to join us next Sunday, 11am, at St Petroc’s Parish Centre.

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