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Zooming In on Sunday at 4

Church was relaxed worship on Zoom this afternoon.

We played ‘Guess the King” from a series of images, including Simba the lion cub!

We also played ‘Guess the King from the Bible’ through a series of clues, which was not as easy as it sounds!

Christ the King was the theme today so, why are the set readings for this Sunday, about shepherd and sheep?

Claire set us two more questions as we read from Ezekiel 34 and Matthew 25:

What do we find out about the shepherd?

What’s the shepherd looking for from his sheep?

The shepherd is a rescuer, carer, provider, protector, judge and a lover of justice.

The sheep are meant to be good and not use their power or strength to exploit others.

After an interesting discussion we arrived back at our first question.

What’s the link between king and shepherd? Claire explained that there is something in the character of shepherds that is also found in kings. Our minds went to Psalm 23 - the Lord is my shepherd, with his rod and staff that leads, guides and protects, the same qualities found in a king.

Claire ended with a prayer asking God to help us, the sheep, to reflect Jesus, the good shepherd and be like him.

Just before we all disappeared off screen, we finally got to meet Barney, William’s dog. He is gorgeous!

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