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Youth event on the fourth or last Sunday of the month at St. Martin's Church, Liskeard, for young people in the area. We are planning to go each month and lifts can be arranged. Contact us at

Bulb Dates Summer 2022

Cookies and squash are provided.


We played a fun game.


Chilling in the spacious venue.


Choosing symbols to express our current experiences in life.


Comfy cushions

Youth helpers

Dorothy supports young people

Quotes Quiz Kanye West (Ye) or God

Quotes Quiz Kanye West (Ye) or God?


Quiz score sheets - great job

Bible time

There's time for Bible reading

Time for sketches

There's time for sketches

Songs of praise

Songs of praise

Musical collage

Musical collage

Musical collage inspiration

Musical collage inspiration

Prayer box

Prayer box

Bulb Oct to Jan

Bulb - October to January

Bulb at BULB

Shining brightly on our arrival

Band at BULB

After a team game it was time to sing worship songs along with the band

At the back

Studying at BULB

Near the front

Joining in with the singing

Artwork at BULB

A good chance to be creative with paper and colours


Creating a picture as the band plays

Group discussion

Sharing answers to two questions; Bible apps were shared and their benefits discussed


Creating images from Bible texts

Youth Confirmation Sessions

The Fab Three  

Energetic, knowledgeable, fun are three words to describe the three young people at the first of their youth confirmation sessions.

We looked at and discussed the significance of a crucifix, pulpit and altar. Claire’s colourful stoles helped us think about the Church seasons and we reminded each other about Lent and Holy Week. It was good to get up close to the Communion silverware and reflect on the importance of Jesus’ death and resurrection. These three young people will be able to join with other young people and adults, who had their confirmation sessions before Covid, at a Confirmation service on Monday 28 February at Lanivet Parish Church at 7pm.


Youth confirmation sessions continue

Just look at the concentration levels as the young people memorise key dates and events on the growth of the Church, from Jesus through the Reformation to the present day, from a diagram, as part of a game.

Looking at church history.jpg
session 5.jpg

The importance of the Bible

This week we looked up Bible references, noting that we need to have the book, chapter and verse to find them. We compared Bible references to coordinates in maths and grid references in geography; they all enable you to pinpoint a particular place. Our game was to find an animal mentioned in each Bible text and the three young people mastered the art of looking up references and spotting the animal. Psalm 42 mentions a deer panting for water which is just how we are to long for God.

Confirmation rehearsal

Some of the young people and adults being confirmed were at Lanivet Church going through the order of service. Claire had to pretend to the Bishop Huge and Helen had to be Claire! 

Rehearsal confirmation.jpg

Confirmation Service

Lanivet Parish Church

Monday 28th February 2022


At a very moving service, Bishop Hugh blessed the candidates as they confirmed the beliefs made at their baptism.

It was wonderful to see both young people and adults expressing their commitment to God.

The theme of the sermons was:

God loves us,

God forgives us,

God welcomes us.

Anyone wishing to be confirmed please contact Revd Paul Holley.

Taking the lead at service at St. Petroc's

On Sunday 1 May, our young people were involved in the service alongside Revd Claire. They led, read, prayed, served and blessed the congregation at the 10am service. The gospel reading was brought to life through drama, As the photos show, the story was about the disciples hauling in a huge catch of fish before having a fish breakfast with Jesus on the shore, after he had risen from the dead. The blessing at the end was a song, based on Romans 15:13, accompanied by British Sign Language, including the sign for PEACE that Bishop Hugh showed us at the confirmation service in Lanivet.

Praying 2.jpg
Blessing sung and signed BSL.jpg
Empty cross.jpg
Dramatised Gosepl Reading.jpg
Dramatised Gospel Reading 3.jpg

SPY is currently meeting monthly at BULB.

SPY is our youth group for young people aged between 10 and 16. We meet monthly for fun and games, and to explore an aspect of faith together.

If you'd like to join us, and hear about upcoming events and opportunities to get involved, have a parent or guardian sign up below to our newsletter, SPY:News. 

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