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Blue Sunday

We gathered at St Petroc's Church at 11am today to explore mental health, wellbeing and faith. Claire told us about her busy week. Her car had to go to the garage, her cat had to go to the vet and Claire had to visit the chemist to buy medicine for the flu. Just as we care for our homes, car, computers, pets and physical health, so we need to look after our mental health. We all have mental health and as many as 1 in 4 of us experience mental health problems, in any given year.

Five short interviews took place.

Firstly, Emily shared the work she and others are doing locally with MIND, including walking, music, gardening and sport. The Wellbeing Centre 01208 892855 or 982855 is able to give more information.

Secondly, Andreas and James represented MAN DOWN and told us about their activities, including breakfast clubs, evening meetings and outdoor activities. Their website gives a lots of information.

Thirdly Annie spoke about the work of Memory Matters and their aim of helping those with dementia to live well. More information is available at 01752 243333.

Fourthly, Claire interviewed Elaine about the difference faith has made to her life and to the lives of other people who Elaine knows.

Finally, Claire interviewed Barbara who shared several ways that St Petroc's Church help those who need support with mental wellbeing, at the same time as being there for everyone -


Mondays 2pm (spring, summer & autumn) guided walks + other events

(soon to be published on the Bodmin Way website at


Bell ringing Tuesdays 7.30pm;

Choir Thursdays 7pm;

Band Mondays 7pm

(not every Monday - for dates contact


Crochet & Knitting Friendship Group Thursdays 2.30am at St Petroc's Parish Centre; Friendship Cafe every other Tuesday 11am at the Hub on the Kinsman Estate

for dates contact;


Bible Study Thursdays 7pm at St Petroc’s Parish Centre

(not every Thursday - for dates see >Church Life >Bible Study)

Sunday services weekly at 9.30am and 11am with coffee & chat after both services.

One of the key ways to taking care of our mental health is to talk to other people, who we can trust.

Elaine offered everyone a pebble to hold as we reflected or prayed about what we'd heard.

The band played a worship song "Faithful One - You are my rock."

All of us can know God's presence and feel the power of his love in our lives.

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