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Ann looked great in her newly finished self-knitted cardigan – it really suits her. Kimberly has virtually completed her first crocheted shawl – it looks magnificent. Mike is doing some very complicated knitting and needs to order some stitch markers, but he got two top tips from Ann: use safety pins or pieces of different coloured wool to mark the sections – hope it goes well for Mike.

Next Thursday will be the group’s last Zoom meeting until September. We might be able to meet in person at the Parish Centre by then – we hope so. Brenda is unable to attend next week as she will be packing boxes full of toys and activities, for social services to distribute to families in Bodmin over the summer months, to help keep children active and occupied.

intoBodmin has been in touched to ask if anyone in the group would like to create a design on a piece of material about their feelings during lockdown. It could be an image or a poem. Kimberley provided another top tip: if using heavy duty felt tip pens, have something to lean on as the ink can transfer to other surfaces. If we choose to be involved, we simply post our design to an address on the intoBodmin website It has also been requested that one or two members of our group do the sewing up of all the squares! We thought Brenda would be best for this job. Brenda raised a few pertinent questions but, in theory, she is up for the task.

We talked about the Bodmin Way’s possible community projects for Christmas! One new idea is to share photographs of decorated trees. Kimberley offered to decorate her six foot tree, at home, with the Crochet & Knitting Friendship Group’s decorations from last year and find patterns for knitted and crocheted musical instruments to accompany Ann’s offer of a chain of instruments. Ann is also knitting an angel for the top of the tree. Another idea might be to ask people to have and register a Christmas tree in their garden, to be part of a route around Bodmin to see them all, including a treasure hunt on the way. Our strategist Mike added, “You’ve got to think these things out.” We all agreed with these wise words and will hopefully share more ideas next week.

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