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Scarves & Tassels

Two tables were placed at the front of the church full of scarves and yarns of wool. Whatever could this be for?!

Rev Elaine read an account to us from the Bible of a woman who'd been ill for 12 years. She reached out to Jesus and touched the fringe of his clothing because she felt this would heal her - and it did! Jesus turned and said to her that it was her faith that had made her whole.

Rev Elaine showed us a prayer shawl that her sister had bought for her. It has tassels at the four corners to remind the wearer to obey God's laws. Rev Elaine has lots of scarves, of different colours, that she wears when she is out and about. She regularly touches the corners of the scarf as she prayers silent prayers for people she meets. She says she touches the scarf to remember Jesus' promise to help us. "It's doing an act that registers something in your head that enables you to connect with God" she said. Rev Elaine demonstrated how to make tassels from wool and we all had a go at making one!

Going back to the woman who touched the fringe of Jesus' robe and was made whole - Rev Elaine said, "You are made whole with Jesus. Nobody is excluded. Healing was a central part of Jesus' ministry and a sign of God's Kingdom, as people turn to God in their need. Today we celebrate that God wants us to be made whole."

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