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St Petroc, St Piran and children


St Petroc's Church is thrilled to hosts part of the St Piran's Day celebrations, where several primary schools give a presentation, at Bodmin's annual St Piran's Day in March. The tradition is to follow the singing and dancing with a pasty lunch and bottle of water.

The St Piran's Day lunch will be different next year, as one young person will have their design on the reusable water bottles that will be given to all the children who attend the celebration. This is one way of supporting the work of Plastic Free Bodmin, who are encouraging us to fill reusable bottles with water as well as other liquids, at refill stations in the town. Bodmin Way has been involved in creating the competition to find a design for the bottles and Bodmin Life is promoting it. Proper Cornish is the sole sponsor for the bottle design initiative and without the support of the company, the competition would have remained just an idea.


If your child is creative, artistic and passionate about the environment, this will be the competition for them. There are prizes for the top three places.

For Bodmin's St Piran's Day celebrations in March 2023, we want to launch a reusable water bottle that all participants can use and keep. We are looking for one special design to go on the water bottles, and are now asking local children, aged between 7 and 11, to send us their design.

There are three themes to choose from: What I love about Cornwall What interests me about the natural world Ways to protect the environment.

All your child has to do is choose one of these themes and, with this in mind, create their very own design for the water bottle.

Once the design has been drawn up, parents simply need to send the design to with the full name and age of the young person OR post to The Old Library 10 Lower Bore Street, Bodmin PL31 2JX, keeping the design flat in an envelope with the details of the child and some contact details for the parent on a separate piece of paper.


We will use 750ml bio sport water bottles and designs should be kept to 9.5cm x 7.5cm. Black and white font should be used.

Deadline for entries is 30th November.

This competition is brought to you by Bodmin Way, Plastic Free Bodmin - News, Bodmin Life and kindly sponsored by Proper Cornish.

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