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The Sower

Ian, with the help of four of our young people, reenacted Jesus' story of "The Sower". Claire took this further and related it to our lives today. If the seed does not have any roots and if the small plant is overcome by thorns, it will not survive. The Christian journey can be a bumpy road and having deep roots in God will enable us to flourish in our faith, rather than wither and fall away from it. To have an inward friendship with God and to have strength, we need roots that go deep into God. With this and not allowing other things to crowd in and take God's place, we will grow in our faith.

William led us in an imaginative prayer time which was brilliant. His gentle and slow voice asked us to picture soil, as us, and see the seed being planted in the soil. Things like anger and bitterness can threaten and chock the faith that is with us, if we let it.

We we encouraged to have deep roots in God.

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