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Walk of Witness

People gathered at the town wall on Good Friday morning, mostly from Bodmin Methodist Church and St. Petroc’s Church. Prayer said and hymn sung, the cross was lifted, and those gathered followed it through Bodmin’s main street.

Walkers paused for prayer and song outside the Methodist Church and on Mount Folly.

The cross led the way along the edge of Priory Park to St. Petroc’s Parish Centre, where a warm welcome was given by Rev’d Elaine and those gathered at Community Space in the upstairs room. Hot cross buns and fish finger sandwiches were freely given and enjoyed!

In the afternoon, the church was still and ready for a service of reflection. The organ led the congregation in the singing of well-loved hymns, including ‘My song is love unknown’, ‘There is a green hill’ and ‘When I survey the wondrous cross’.

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