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William is Joseph!

Joseph's soliloquy expressed the dilemma that Joseph faced with the news that Mary was pregnant. He came to a decision but changed his mind when God told him in a dream that the child Mary was expecting would be the way that God would bring salvation to the world. Being together with God changes us and our relationships with others.

An excited Elaine shared with us the sentiment of Alexander Smith when he said that Christmas Day was the day that holds all time together. She also shared that whether at Christmas we are together with loved ones or not, what changes us is when he are together with God, who loves us beyond measure, who was willing to come to us, as a vulnerable baby, born poor, weak and homeless. He chose that when His infant hands grew they would be pierced on the cross for our sins.

This fits in well with what William told us at the 9.30am service, that some people decorate their Christmas tree with hot crossed buns, to remember that Jesus was born with the expressed purpose of dying, to be the saviour.

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