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Attitude of Gratitude

Claire completed her series on Philippians at the Bible Study last night - the Book of Joy. Claire suggested that Paul, the author, was challenging us to check our attitudes.

We are to make deliberate choices to have the correct perspective e.g. to be humble towards others we disagree with and to focus on the vital things e.g. our faith in Christ and everything he has done for us. The core is Jesus and everything else is commentary. Our prayers are to be like two sides of a coin, one side to be full of thanksgiving to extol God's greatness and the other side to make requests to God for others and ourselves. We are to take charge of our thoughts and choose what we dwell on. Dwelling on God is to be our focus. The secret of being content and experiencing the peace of God is to rely on God's strength.

Bible Study take place often on Thursdays throughout the year, 7pm, St Petroc's Parish Centre (please see the News tab under Church Life at for the details. Everyone is welcome.

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