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Banana Socks!

Knit your own ‘Banana Socks’ - thick socks, particularly great when wearing wellies or to combat cold feet at night! Suitable for children or adults. The pattern belongs to the grandma of one of the members of the Crochet & Knitting Friendship Group, who is herself and great grandma.

Size 8 needles are best and thick wool.

Cast on 30 stitches.

Increase into every stitch to give 60 stitches.

Garter stitch (knit every row) until long enough for the feet they are being knitted for

(8 inches / 20 cm).

Decrease every stitch to give 30 stitches.

Cast off.

Other news

The pretty ‘granny blanket’ pictured here was crocheted with remnants of wool, in pink, green and white with glitter – great job Ann.

Kimberley is busy creating glove puppets for a charity. ‘Knit-for-Nowt’ is a charitable service based in Yorkshire. It appeals to knitters for knitted, crocheted, or sewn hand puppets and "worry monsters", which are used by therapists to help children suffering from abuse, neglect, bereavement or other serious problems, found at - nice one Kimberley.

Brenda is busy creating beaded jug covers – more about these in a future news story.

Mike is diversifying and planning to create paperweights – felt underneath is a good safety tip to stop sunlight scorching your dining table!

We’ll continue to meet via Zoom each fortnight, on a Wednesday, until lockdown ends.

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