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Come Holy Spirit Part 3 Get A Life

Today’s study is part 1 of what the New Testament teaches about the Holy Spirit and life for us as individuals and next week, part 2 will look at New Testament teaching about the Holy Spirit and the Church.

Pentecost Acts 2:1-47:

• Wind – unpredictable – can’t see it but can see the effects of it

• Tongues of fire resting on them

• Filled with the Holy Spirit

• Speaking in tongues – Holy Spirit is speaking through your spirit to God (by passing the brain)

• Inspired preaching from Peter – a fisherman not theologically trained

• Fulfilment of Old Testament prophecy – Joel 2

• Repent, be baptised and you will receive the Holy Spirit – baptised in the Spirit here rather than in water (water is not mentioned in the chapter)

• Numerous new disciples

• Changed life style – lived with all things in common – today the Holy Spirit should bring the Church together and then send us out to do signs and see the Church grow

• Start of the Church

Key point – received the Holy Spirit – filled with the Holy Spirit and remembering the biblical command to be filled and continue to be filled - Be being filled.

Filling Acts 2:4, 4:31, 6:3, 6:5, 9:17 and 13:52. Ephesians 5:18 - seek it.

Baptism Acts 1:5 - Second blessing of the Holy Spirit? All Christians receive the Holy Spirit when they repent but not all allow themselves to be filled continually; this might come later. Some Christians speak in tongues while others don’t. Acts 8 and 19.

Helen shared how she has been “awash with peace from the Holy Spirit” and how she has experienced the Holy Spirit in her life, as if she were “bathing in cream.”

Power to do amazing things Acts 4:33-35; Acts 5:12-16.

Holy Spirit guides people in understanding of mission Acts 13:2-3 – the Church is to seek God’s plan with prayer and fasting and act upon it. The Holy Spirit might appoint people for a specific role. Acts 16:6-10.

Transformation 2 Corinthians 3:17-18.

Fruit of the Spirit Galatians 5:19-25 – Christians are expected to show ALL the fruit (it’s singular.) If we are open to the Holy Spirit, he makes us love, have joy, have patience etc.

Our role/responsibly is to reflect this fruit to others and influence others to be the same.

We are to pursue righteous and turn away from things that would take us from God and ask him for the fruit of the Spirit in our lives.

1 Timothy 6:11 – our part in developing the fruit.

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