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COME HOLY SPIRIT Part 5 - And now ...

In the last session on this topic William shared three Bible passages:

Luke 11:11-13 Ask – If we ask, the Holy Spirit will be given to us. Our heavenly father likes to give us good things. It’s a wonderful invitation to us to accept God in our lives.

John 14:12 - Greater things than these – This is challenging and humbling. How can we do greater things than Jesus? We can’t; but the Holy Spirit working with us can! Jesus returned to the father but is still supporting us with the help of the Holy Spirit. We carry on Jesus’ work e.g. we are his hands and feet on earth.

2 Timothy 1:6 - Fan into flame – We have the Holy Spirit as a gift from God but we need to fan it into flame. We need to be open to his work and not block the power of the Spirit in our lives. The word “us” is used and we are to support one another to keep the Spirit working through all of us, reaching out to others, overflowing like rivers of living water.

Prayer: Invite the Holy Spirit to come to us personally and to the Church.

The Bible Study will have a short summer break. We will run an enquirer’s course called “Start!” in September and October. It’s a 6-week course that includes video and discussion. It will be a good opportunity to invite people we know who are questioning Christianity or who would like to find out more about it. Claire will take the lead, on Monday evenings, at 7pm, via Zoom, starting 14 September.

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