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Delving into and sharing views at the on-line Bible Study

We opened our Bibles to Matthew chapters 24 to 26. Helen shared that these are her favourite chapters and that she loves reading about the end times because Jesus will return.

Sometimes Jesus is speaking about the destruction of the Jewish Temple in 70AD and at other times about the end of the world. Jesus tells Christians to be ready because we don’t know when the end will be – Christians need to be serving God and furthering his kingdom when the time comes.

Kimberley said that a God who judges is a God who calls us to account for all our actions. This side of God is often not focused on, as are the end times, but if we are aware of both, we can be prepared and ready.

History is ‘His (God’s) Story’ and it’s moving on to the end times – it’s not random – it’s going somewhere and will eventually be re-created. Jesus will return and triumph over evil and human rebellion and all God’s people will be together.

We read the famous parable of the sheep and the goats. Does the story say that we can earn our way to heaven by good works? The overall message of the Bible is that we can’t earn our way to heaven but are rather put right with God through the righteousness of Christ. The parable talks about a relational situation of a king and his people. This symbolises the relationship we can have with Jesus, through faith. This faith has to lead us to good works e.g. helping others who are hungry, destitute or in any sort of need.

We completed our study by comparing the Jewish Passover meal with the Eucharist (bread & wine service, also known as Communion). Jesus’ last supper with his disciples was a Passover meal. The disciples would have been shocked and amazed at how Jesus added a new dimension to the meal. He said that there is a new promise from God that the way to him is open for everyone through the sacrificial death of Jesus. Both meals focus on the past, present and future. The Passover meal remembers God’s deliverance of his people from Egypt, his continued presence with them and the future arrival of the messiah (chosen king from God). Christians, at the Communion service, reflect on Jesus’ death, in the present time live with others and show God’s love to them and look forward to Jesus’ return and the heavenly feast. Helen shared how she is always humbled at a Communion service when she thinks that someone would die for her.

Next week we will look at the crucifixion and resurrection accounts. If you’d like to join the discussions please contact

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