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Fluffy Coat Hangers

Ann gave us a short demonstration of how to knit with wool and lace to create coat hanger covers. They are perfect for garments that are made of soft and slippery material. Love them Ann.

Ann has completed her knitted cardigan and will show the group next week. Jackie has started a new project and busily got on with knitting the sleeve of a cardigan/jacket during our meeting. Kimberley’s crocheted shawl is virtually finished, and we will see it next week. Mike is planning to finish a shawl and then move on to knitting some more “Red Nosed Characters” to join Bertie Bloomer! They are ‘Twiddle the Carpenter’ and ‘Fix It’ a do everything chap and ‘Young Alf’ the apprentice. They are so cheery and colourful but don’t look easy. Good job Mike’s up for the challenge. Can’t wait to see them Mike.

Ann has enjoyed a walk this week along the Camel Trail, toward Wenford, after leaving the car at Helland Park. Sounds a lovely walk.

Barbara shared that The Bodmin Way will offer four walks in August, two on Monday, one on Wednesday afternoon and the other on a Friday evening. Ann suggested that we meet outside the Parish Centre for the Wednesday afternoon family walk so that we don’t have to cross the main road as a group. Mike suggested that we have refreshments at the Tea Gardens on the Friday evening walk. Barbara will check the opening times.

We discussed the opening of the church for Sunday worship and Brenda was particularly pleased to hear that we are hoping to have the first socially distanced service on July 5th.

The opening of the Parish Centre is another matter, however. The government guidance is that sports can’t be done in halls and that other guidance will follow! It might be that we meet on Zoom, on a Thursday afternoon, for two more weeks, before the long summer break, with the hope that we might be able to meet in person, for our Crochet & Knitting Friendship Group, in September, at St Petroc’s Parish Centre.

We finished our meeting, slightly earlier due to the heat, by mentioning the passing of Dame Vera Lynn. At 103, she was still working, until a month before her death! She supported charities and did some charity work with Colonel Tom.

Talking of helping others, our churches and Bodmin Way will continue supplying “food fun bags” to families at this time. The project will continue over the summer with food items, activities and The Bodmin Way walking leaflets and maps, including some “PASSPORTS” to collect the stamps at each church on the route. We have received a grant from two funders who have made this possible.

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