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Harvest Gifts

Church School Community

Children from St. Petroc’s Primary School gathered in church for Harvest Festival last week, leaving behind many food items, donated to support others, from 'Ourgate'. Revd Elaine said: “300 children came to St. Petroc's Church to celebrate harvest. We gave thanks for harvest gifts that will be shared with our local community. We were mindful of our school mission statement: Through God’s love and lessons, we care, share, and grow together.”

The church autumnal colour scheme and harvest decorations contributed to the sense of occasion.

During the offertory hymn, Sunday School children added their food gifts to the congregation’s donation table.

Sunday School teacher Tasha, with the help of her family, prepared superb posters at home for the children to complete during the Harvest Festival service. Conkers, from St. Petroc’s school grounds, were created into a 3D image. To remember harvest from the sea, St. Petroc’s boat was drawn, with fishing nets and pictures of many fish hauled in from Cornish seas. The children enjoyed learning about this and some of the names made them laugh!

Tasha’s quiz made us think and it was fun to find fruit and veg on a word search. Abby read the harvest prayer for us.

Several people joined the harvest celebration online and would have seen the Sunday School attendees proudly showing their completed harvest posters at the close of the service.

There was room for plenty of people to enjoy a harvest lunch after the service.

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