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Making History

On Wednesday 25th September, 21 people walked all or part of the 20-mile circuit, in the first ever official walk of the Bodmin Way.

Others played their part by giving a warm welcome and refreshments, at each church along the route and, before moving on, we joined together for a pause for thought to reflect on faith and heritage.

William Hazelton, Lay Reader reflected, "As we walked, we enjoyed the beauty of the scenery, had lots of exercise, had an opportunity to meet new people and engage in stimulating conversations and had the chance to explore the "spiritual" in a relaxed and informal way."

Nigel Marns, author of “The Cornish Celtic Way”, helped us think about the purpose and pleasures of pilgrimage, as we stood at the convergence of three ‘Ways’ – the Saints Way, the Cornish Celtic Way and the Bodmin Way, at the Celtic Cross in the grounds of Lanviet Church, purported to be the very centre of Cornwall.

A celebratory supper finished off the special day in style.

Rev Paul Holly, Team Rector of the Bodmin Team Ministry and instigator of the Bodmin Way said, “The full day of pilgrimage gave us time to talk more deeply with one another; both those we knew and those we met for the first time. Life is normally too busy to spend so much quality time with others.”

Plans for the Bodmin Way include the publication of cycle, driving and horse-riding routes and, to make the Bodmin Way as inclusive as possible, a DVD of the circuit.

Thank you to everyone, from across Cornwall, who participated in the day, making history for the Bodmin Way.

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