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Never too early!

Updated: Jun 6

Two members of the Crochet & Knitting Friendship Group have been busy creating Christmas items!

Kimberley has produced holly and poinsettia napkin rings and Mike has knitted a cheery snowman and a bauble in the form of a letter box. Great work.

It’s taken Mike a month to knit the gardener “Bertie Bloomer” and his flower pot. He is about to tackle the knitted watering can, which the group thought sounded very difficult. Mike’s got his own garden and hopes to harvest a large crop of cherries when they have ripened.

Out of necessity, Ann has been utilising her craft skills to make superb cards to send to friends and family.

Barbara was keen to steer the afternoon’s conversation towards insects and wildlife. Whilst walking locally she has managed to take photos of a baby bunny in a hedgerow and a deer chomping its way through vegetables in an allotment (well, Trevor was quick enough to take the deer actually!) Barbara did manage to take a photo of a very noisy insect that landed on the umbrella in the garden. Looking it up in “A Concise Guide To Insects” it appears to be palomena prasina – green shield bug (maybe?)

Brenda shared how bees are living in a bird’s next box in her garden – no birds – but lots of fluffy baby bumble bees with white behinds have taken over and are pollinating the weeds!

Ann and Dave uncovered a toad under a flower pot in their garden, who was taken to the top of the garden to feed on the slugs and snails!

We discussed quiz questions we’d heard recently. Here are three about ‘animals’. Did you know that an octopus has three hearts, a leech has 34 brains and a goat has square pupils?

Some of the group are going to put their minds to producing a 15cm square design on material, expressing their feelings during lockdown. IntoBodmin are promoting this patchwork project The designs are to be posted to a Cornwall address and all the squares will be sewn together to make a huge patchwork.

It was good to be reminded by Brenda that it’s St Petroc’s Day today (4 June). We hope next year to celebrate it in style in church!

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