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Searchers - Communion

Communion / Eucharist was the topic at the Searcher's meeting this week.

Kimberley read to the group from Luke 22 and 1 Corinthians 11 about Jesus’ last supper.

We shared our thoughts on Communion after watching a music video chosen by Lea, called “Remember me”. Jesus asked us to remember him and at the end of the song, the person asked to be remembered by Jesus.

We take Communion because: Jesus told us to; to remember him; to give thanks; to connect with Christians past and presents; to look forward to the heavenly banquet.

Communion usually takes place in church but some of the group remembered taking it out doors, with biscuits and water, for an impromptu Communion. Aldrin took bread and wine to the moon and shared it there!

Some love to experience Communion weekly as it means so much to them.

Some see the bread and wine as symbols of Jesus’ body and blood and others believe the elements mysteriously become the body and blood of Jesus - transubstantiation.

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