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SPY Christmas Special

Before the party games, party food and dancing, one question was asked:

“What is special about Christmas?”

"Advent, gifts, lights, time with friends and family." were the replies.

It’s also about a gift from God. A tableau of the nativity scene was created.

Letters were unscrambled to spell Emmanuel (Hebrew for) God is with us.

Other nativity scenes were shown.

Centre photo credit: Paul Kenealy, Bodmin Camera Club

Why does the nativity scene taken in Spain show a Spanish girl giving red flowers? Because it’s as if everyone is part of Jesus’ birth, as he is God’s gift to us all.

Party Game 1: Pairs caught flying balloons and had a go at 'keep ups'.

Party Game 2: Sardines. One pair had 30 seconds to hide, somewhere in the building, while others looked away. If other pairs found them, they hid with them, before “Happy Christmas” was called. Several games were enjoyed but only one could not be found, pictured here leaving her hiding place.

Our DJ turned on lights and music. Fun was had following DJ Raphi's Macarena Dance 2022.

Party food and the opening of a little gift to add to the Christmas tree at home (or possibly wear as a fashion accessory) completed the party.

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