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SPY in Priory Park

SPY members welcomed two young people to July’s youth event, where a new art form, created by Mike Foster, was tried out. Mike shared his artwork and method at Time Together and it became the inspiration for this month’s SPY event.

Looking at Mike’s artwork

“Wow!” and “That’s great!” were just two comments made by the young people looking at the images Mike spotted as he looked deeper into nature.

Taking a photo in the park

Each team, armed with a phone, used their observational skills and imagination to look deeper into nature and capture what they saw in photos. Trees, flowers, plants, pond and sky were selected.

Trying the new art form Artists at work

Printing the photos and adding tracing paper on top allowed the young people to express what they saw, as they looked deeper into nature. Ingenious imagination and artistic skills produced amazing results!

Photo taken in the park and made into art

I see an eye Who does this look like?

This is what I can see

Artwork presentation

This is a lovely example of an intergenerational project, with Time Together member sharing a unique art form with SPY members.

Future SPY events will take place on 13 August and 3 September:

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