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Start course session 2 Two Questions: Is there a God and what is he like?

Is there a God?

Theists say there is a God.

Atheists say there is no God.

Agnostics say they are undecided if there is a God (you can’t tell.)

Some things that stop some people believing in God are:

suffering, science, war, irrelevant, can’t see God.

Others have reasons to say these things don’t stop them believing in God:

Suffering - caused by people using their free will in a way that has negative effects.

Science – some Christian scientists say science points to God and that God controlled the variables to make life possible in the first place - meaning there is something rather than nothing..

War – due to selfishness and greed of humans.

Irrelevant – billions of people worldwide believe in God.

Can’t see God – God showed himself in Jesus and reveals himself through the Holy Spirit.

If God does exist what is he like? A rock. A potter. A (good) parent.

Jesus’ famous story of the lost son shows the compassion, forgiveness and love of God as compared with the father who welcomes home his wayward son.

No one can prove or disprove God’s existence. We look as clearly as we can and come to our own conclusion. Perhaps there is a time in all our lives when we need to search for God. Just like being at the options, when the optician puts a lens in front of your eye and says, “Is it better with the lens or with it?” we can ask, “Is my life better with or without God?”

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