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Start Session 4 is all about Jesus

Jesus definitely lived. Over 80 sources, written by scholars, including the 1st Century Jewish historian Josephus, confirm this. Jesus’ death is one of the best attested facts in ancient history! Josephus described Jesus as a wise man who worked surprising deeds, was popular with many and was crucified by Pontius Pilate.

So, we know he lived, but is he relevant 2000 years later? Many say yes he is. He deals with the mess and makes a way back to God.

We looked at the 7 “I am” sayings that show who Jesus is and what he does for us.

I am:

the bread of life

the light of the world

the gate

the good shepherd

the resurrection and the life

the vine

the way, truth and life.

There are many words/names given to Jesus that tell us something about who he was and what he has done:

Jesus = saviour

Messiah (Hebrew) and Christ (Greek) = chosen one

Emmanuel = God is with us

Incarnate = God takes on human form

Alpha and Omega = the beginning and the end

In summary, Jesus is the saviour who takes away the sin (mess) in the world.

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