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Sunday Celebration Everything's New

Don Dowling's modern day poem about the wise men (magi) visiting Jesus was read to us. After meeting Jesus, life was never the same again for those visiting men, as they recognised that they had had a meeting with God.

We watched a short clip from a film depicting Jesus having a conversation with 'a women at a well', from John 4. Jesus broke through her boundaries and showed her a new way. Her life had a new beginning by saying "Yes" to Jesus. She was amazed at him and he gave her a new life.

We then met 'a woman at a pub!' William interviewed Elaine, who used to be the landlady at the White Hart Inn. When she moved into the pub, she was searching but did not know God. After a visit from the "Walk of a Thousand Men" Elaine's search came to an end, when she accepted Jesus as her saviour. She is now an ordained priest who shares her faith with everyone she meets.

When a person meets God, they receive a revelation of who He is, that grows, as God makes everything new.

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