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Sunday Celebration - What to Remember?

How far back can you remember? What are your earliest memories? Questions posed by Claire at our meeting this morning.

We watched Claire's marvellous mini-movie on how autumn is a season of remembrance and shared what we think is important to remember.

Claire selected Psalm 114 to read to us as it's one out of seven examples of Psalms that retells a story from Israel's past. We discussed how it is a poetic retelling of the story of the escape from Egypt and God's provision for his wandering people until they reached the Promised Land.

Why does the Psalmist retell Israel's stories? To give the reader a sense of their identity - their connection with the past. To show how God keeps his promises. To learn from past mistakes and not to repeat them.

Something Christians remember is Jesus' words at the last supper. Followers of Jesus are told to remember him through eating bread and drinking wine. This, in turn, reminds us that Jesus gave his life so that we might live.

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