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Symbolic Shawls

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

The Crochet & Knitting Friendship Group met again today via Zoom, a few of us on the telephone and the rest via the Internet. The group has been “commissioned” by Rev Elaine to knit or crochet baptismal shawls.

As the baby is wrapped in the shawl, Rev Elaine will remind those at the service, that Christians are symbolically covered in the righteousness of Christ and that at baptism the infant is welcomed to the family of the Church. Baptism is for all ages. Anyone can be baptised, whether a baby, child, teenager or adult. Even whole families can be baptised in a bespoke family ceremony. It will only be the babies however who will need the shawls!

Mike and Kimberley instantly went on line to find a suitable crochet and knitting pattern.

Julia expressed caution over creating shawls with holes. She remembers holding her goddaughter in a shawl with holes and the baby’s fingers got caught in them, making her cry for the whole service! We hope to avoid that.

We found patterns for square, circular and triangular shawls, with or without fringes. Rev Elaine has requested the shawls are made from white wool to represent purity.

We discussed matinee jackets that some of the group knitted years ago that are no longer legal! It’s strange to think that some clothing for babies is now against the law.

Grandparents traditionally have made a shawl for their grandchild’s baptism, or families have one that is passed down through the generations. We realise that not everyone crochets or knits now, so many in the group will be happy to do it on their behalf.

Ann suggested we have a go at producing a doll sized prototype for Rev Elaine to see. Any colour wool could be used for this.

Joan shared that after eleven weeks of shielding, her family took her to Daymer Bay where she had a terrific time watching her grandchildren playing.

Kimberley told us last week that she is starting a course with the Open University in September. This has encouraged Jackie to take up an eight week course, on forensic psychology. Best wishes to both.

Mike has now completed Bertie Bloomer, including watering can with water coming out of the spout and butterfly and slug on his shoes! Mike has done a super job.

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