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The Advocate

Come Holy Spirit Part 2 Living Waters From the Gospels

The Holy Spirit is mentioned in every New Testament book except 2 and 3 John.

One Greek word used for the Holy Spirit is pneuma which means spirit.


Mark 1:6-13 and Luke 3:16-17: Water and the Holy Spirit; repentance; fire; dove descending; sending Jesus out to face temptation.

John’s baptism was with water but Jesus’ baptism will be with the Holy Spirit.

We mentioned how the Trinity is seen in the account of Jesus’ baptism: God’s voice; Jesus being baptised and the Holy Spirit shown as a dove.

Jesus’ baptism in the Holy Spirit happened at the very start of His ministry and it’s the same with us; we need the continual baptism of the Holy Spirit as we live for God.

Holy Spirit upon Jesus

After Jesus had been baptised, he had to face temptations.

Luke 4:14 Jesus filled with the power of the Spirit.

18:9, 21 Jesus says his ministry is a consequence of the Holy Spirit acting through him – a messianic claim. Jesus was not acting independently but through the Spirit. We too should be filled with the Holy Spirit and be anointed with God’s power to live and work for Him.

Speaking through the Spirit

Luke 10:21 and Matthew 10:19-20.


• What does the first say about Jesus’ relationship with Holy Spirit?

• What does the second say about our relationship with the Holy Spirit?

Wind and Spirit

John 3:5-18: Wind blows where it wills. The same word in Greek as in Hebrew for wind, breath and spirit, Ruach, is used here; water in verse 5 and verse 8. This speaks of ‘regeneration’, being ‘born again’ and this life comes from the Holy Spirit. We can invite the Holy Spirit to do His work within us; we just need to make ourselves available to Him and He will do His part.

Titus 3:5: Salvation is through God’s mercy, not through ceremonies. The washing of rebirth is what brings us salvation and baptism is an outward sign of this inward blessing.

The Promised Advocate

The Holy Spirit is referred to as paraclete meaning advocate, counsellor, helper and comforter. An advocate speaks on behalf of someone, just as William does in court.

Paraclete comes from the Greek word paráklētos which is lovely image of "para" (beside/alongside) and "kalein" (to call). It gives us a wonderful picture of the Holy Spirit coming alongside us, encouraging us and given us strength.

John 14:15-17: The Holy Spirit lives with the disciples and will be in them.

John 14:25-26: Teaches; reminds the disciples of all things; brings peace.

The Holy Spirit brings about ‘Christlikeness’ in us. He also brings a tremendous sense of peace.

John 15:26-27: Testify on behalf of Jesus; we too should testify from our experience of Jesus.

John 16:7-10: Ascension – an undervalued festival - if Jesus had not gone to the Father we would not have been given the Holy Spirit which convicts us of sin and shows us that righteousness is only in Jesus.

John 16:13-15: The Holy Spirit glorifies Jesus and declares truth to us.

Streams of living waters – a wonderful image

John 7:37-39 and compare with this Ezekiel 47:1-12 and John 2.19.


• Cleansing and life giving stream from the temple

• Connection between the temple and Jesus’ crucified body

• Holy Spirit is to be released on Jesus’ glorification.

William encouraged us to ponder the image of life giving waters flowing from the Holy Spirit and from us to others who need to know God.

‘Come Holy Spirit’ Part 3 will take place on Wednesday 5th August at 7pm instead of Thursday. The Zoom link is available from

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