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We’ve started the Start course!

Life is a journey with a beginning, middle and end.

In the busyness and rush of life the BIG questions can be overlooked:

Who am I? Where do I come from? Does my life have meaning? Is there a God? If there is, can I know God?

We were encouraged to think about where we are with God, by looking at the ‘On Track’ picture and selecting a person that reflects our position.

One Christian, who spoke about his life’s experience on a short video, showed us his life’s journey on a timeline, pointing out when he became a Christian. For him and many others, it feels like life started when they experienced God. He said that God impacts on his life in two main ways:

1 God is an everyday present friend and rock.

2 God is our future life, after death, and he wants to guide us through life and death to join him. This is the “gift of eternal life”.

Anyone who does not know God is encouraged to start their journey with God now.

At the end of the session, it was suggested that we do the following before we meet next Monday:

Read Psalm 139 verses 1-3 and 13-16 a few times, and ask ourselves:

· How does it make me feel that there is someone out there who knows everything about me?

· Is my life just a series of random events or could there be some sort of purpose to everything that is happening?

Look on YouTube for interesting spoken or musical versions of Psalm 139.

A prayer to pray this week:

Dear Lord God,

This is my life, lived year by year,

And day by day.

May you help me to find the path,

The true path that leads to true living.


If you’d like to continue the Start course with us, please request the Zoom link from

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