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Work in progress

Kimberley has made an excellent start to a circular shawl she is crocheting that will be a baptismal shawl for Revd Elaine. It’s amazing! Looking forward to seeing the finished article.

This is a photo of a nearly finished cardigan that Ann has been knitting since 2015! It’s very close to completion now and should look smashing on Ann.

Mike has started knitting a shawl and is having to work hard to get the cabling right.

Barbara was not keen on cabling or following any pattern that involved circular needles but that’s OK as there’s plenty more to choose from! Emails were pinging around as we found lovely shawl patterns that we could crochet or knit.

As well as shawls, needles and patterns we discussed the church bell that will sound the curfew in the first week of July, at 8pm, in honour of Bodmin Riding and Heritage Weekend. If you live near the church and/or if the wind is a certain direction, you might hear it.

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