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Young people lead the way for "Love Your Global Neighbour" at Sunday Celebration

Young people at St Petroc's are super keen to tell everyone about the wonderful work of Shelter Box and support the charity with fundraising opportunities.

Give a Tent for Lent is a Church of England appeal for people to work together and buy a tent (£385) from Shelter Box to help people around the world who are in crisis. Claire said if each person or family at Sunday Celebration managed to raise £20 between now and Easter (Easter Sunday is April 12th), we would have more than enough money to buy a Tent for Lent.

Pam talked about the mission of the churches that make up the Bodmin Team Ministry. We support Leprosy Mission, churches in Peru & Nepal as well as our very own Pioneer Minister, Rev Elaine, here in Bodmin.

We are planning a Sponsored Bike Ride later in the year for Shelter Box, cycling 1/5th of the Bodmin Way walking route.

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